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Septic Installation

We specialize in class 1 & 2 septic system installation. 

Septic System Design

We know what is needed for your home and will design an efficient and cost effective septic system. 

Septic System Repair

Having issues with your septic? We can help diagnose and resolve them. (Note: We do not pump septic tanks)

General Consultant

With over 35 years of excavation and septic experience, we can come up with a solution for any challenge. 


Need grading done? We have the knowledge and equipment to grade whatever you need. 


We move earth to meet your needs. If you need it done we are the ones to do it. 

Why Choose Us?

Class 1 & 2 Septic work is what we specialize in and are passionate about. Because of the demand, Septic work, such as new installs, repairs, and diagnosing problem systems, is our top priority. We are a Norweco Singular Green dealer of HAU/ATU's. 

Based on our work load with septic work we will also take on other jobs related to perc tests, site excavation, grading, foundations, driveways, lot clearing, water lines, well pump/pressure tank installs, and electric lines. We are open to doing whole lot packages for home prep as bundling services provides better pricing for our clients and the work is more consistent for my employees. 

Safe And Reliable Service.

Quality Service with Assurance and satisfaction.

The best in the industry serving for more than 35 years.



Farm House Septic

Photos of our Farm House Septic project.

Yellow Springs Pad prep/ Dirt job

Fresh site! Time to build up a pad for a pole barn & sculpt up the backyard w/plenty of onsite mountain sandstone.

Jefferson County Septic Replacement

Septic replacement in Jefferson County, WV

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